Ultrasonic Skin Scrub Facial

30 Minute Ultrasonic skin scrub Facial.

Suitable for most skin types. This treatment aims to remove build up of dead skin, smooth rough texture, extract impurities and blackheads and provides a glow effect to the skin.

A solution of salicylic is applied to the skin to aid in the exfoliation. Water is applied to the skin and a Metal spatula featuring ultrasonic waves (28,000 vibrations per second) is used to gently lift dead cells off the skin. Whilst doing this, the water solution is pushed into the skin to flush blackheads, oil and debris from the pores. We then apply appropriate skincare product and penetrate this into the skin using the back of the skin scrubber. This allows the skin care to penetrate to a cellular level to deeply hydrate and nourish all skin types.

Treatment is suitable for most skin types including those with sensitive skins. It is most beneficial for the treatment of:

Mild acne
Blackheads and congestion
Rough uneven skin texture
Dull and lethargic looking skin

Treatments can be carried out once a week for 6 weeks with our 6 weeks to better skin package, or can be used in conjunction with chemical peels for more problematic skin types.


1. Cleanse skin with Limpiador 2&1 cleanser
2. Salicylic acid ampule- apply all over face.
3. Ultrasonic skin scrub procedure
4. Ultrasonic infusion of skincare
5. Application of appropriate mask
6. A purifying cream to finish treatment.
cost: £65