Grand Aura's Aims, Objectives & Culture Statement


  • To provide highest standards of care and customer service to all our clients
  • To offer personalised choice of treatments to reach clients desired outcomes.
  • To exceed national minimum standards and deliver safe and satisfactory treatments to clients
  • To provide excellent and ethical management practices in our clinic which will promote a culture of equality, safety, dignity, choice and privacy for all our stakeholders.
  • To offer staff high quality training on an ongoing basis to ensure professional and personal development therefore achieving staff satisfaction, retention and growth in their capacity to provide a quality service and care for clients
  • To grow the business on sound financial footing and expand as demand increased.



  • To meet the needs of each client based on a systematic and person centred assessment,
  • To devise treatment plans in conjunction with clients .
  • To provide professional, reliable and consistent care to clients and provide tailored treatments that can help achieve a clients desired outcome.
  • To provide a flexible service in a non discriminatory environment
  • To ensure all stakeholders and all clients needs and values are respected in matters of religion, culture, race or ethnicity, sexuality or sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, parenthood and disability or impairments.
  • To Manage and implement a formal program of staff recruitment, training, retention and personal development to enable clients individual needs to be met, in line with the national care standards.
  • To manage the clinic effectively and efficiently to make best of the resources and maximise the quality of service delivered to clients.
  • To undertake risk assessments within the clinic to ensure a safe environment for clients & staff and to ensure policies and procedures are fit for purpose and being adhered too.
  • To ensure clients have access to the clinic complaints procedure and provide information on how stakeholders can provide comments and compliments.
  • To expand our business in a manner that is reflective of client needs and is responsive to client needs.

Culture Statement

  1. Every client is unique. This is the core philosophy of Grand Aura. Its fundamental to us that we provide a person centered bespoke treatment plan for every client.


  1. Building trusting Relationships. This is in the foundation of Grand Aura. We believe in building positive, strong, trusted relationships with each other and our stakeholder group.  Trusted relationships are imperative to our success.


  1. Right people in the right jobs. We are committed to our recruitment and employment strategy of meeting business needs by employing and retaining the right people, with the right attitude, in the right jobs. Our people are important to us and we are committed to the continual personal development and education of our team.


  1. Inspiration & innovation. We will cultivate our business growth from the inspiration of our clients and innovation of our experienced and talented team. We will develop our treatment offering in a safe and responsive client focused manner.


  1. Recognition is something that we really believe in at Grand Aura. We want to recognise people who’ve done a good job and celebrate their achievements.  We will provide opportunities for client feedback


  1. Be safe. We are a responsible business and we treat the safety of our clients and staff with the utmost importance.  We do this by risk assessments and auditing, by staff training and following our medical protocols.


  1. Accountability. This is such an important value in the contemporary business world. We are accountable to each other and our stakeholder group and we take that accountability seriously.