Acne Scarring Treatments

The most common and effective way to treat acne scarring is through a Co2 resurfacing laser. The laser vaporises skin cells on the surface, helping new skin cells form underneath. It also encourages your body to produce more collagen in that area, resulting in a smoothing and plumping effect, whilst removing surface discolourations.

Chemical peels such as TCA can also be used to help with mild/moderate acne scarring, although the results are a bit more unpredictable than with the co2 laser.

Mild peels such as Mandelic and Glycolic can be used to help surface discolouration and can help cell renewal. They are also excellent treatments for dissolving the oil plug within the pores.

We also offer dermapen treatments which can also help with the mild scars too. 

Its important to remember that you must have few/no acne lesions before having laser treatment for scarring as this will be likely to aggravate the skin even more.

Consultation Required? Yes, with Medical Director for C02 Laser or free with practitioner for Skin Peels and Dermapen

Consultation Cost £200 for C02 Laser consultation with dermatologist 

Test Patch Required? Yes and costs £70 for c02 test Patch 

Dermapen treatment: £125

TCA Skin Peel: £125

Mild Skin Peels: £85