Acne Treatments

We have a team of experienced practitioners who will first assess the condition, then devise a treatment plan to suit each individual. Treatments mainly consist of Salicylic or Azeliac Peels which reduce bacteria and inflammation within the skin. They also help dissolve the debris that’s clogging your pores. Alongside treatment you will be using a range of professional skincare tailored to you, to prepare and pro-long your treatment.

In the case of severe acne, or acne being on more than one area we would often suggest oral antibiotics and in some cases Roaccutane. In this case you will be referred to our Medical Director who will advise on the best course of action and will follow you through your journey.

We also stock Neostrata's Acne Products which are dermatology approved and help to treat acne and maintain acne prone skin.

From medication, peels and treatment to reduce acne scarring we can help drastically improve your skin and help you feel more confident in yourself.

Acne consultations are free with one of our practitioners; if you need to be referred to the dermatologist, a consultation fee of £147 is applicable. An initial consultation is required to diagnose acne, the severity of the condition and a individualised treatment plan will be devised. 

Salicylic Peels start at £85 for a single treatment. 

Consultation Required? Yes

Consultation cost? £200 with consultant dermatologist . £30 with practitioner