Area Of Concern

Often we have an area of our body that bothers us but don't know the best treatment. 

We can offer a variety of treatment options for a vast amount of common concerns.

Concerns that we can treat


Chemical Peels  Anti-biotics  Non Chemical Medical Facials Ultrasonic Skin Scrub


Age Spots

 CO2 Laser   Chemical Peel   



Chemical Peels  Ultrasonic Skin Scrub


Crows Feet

Anti Ageing Injections  Co2 Laser Ultrasound Brightening & Tightening Facial


Double Chin

Laser Liposuction Aqualyx Injections


Dull Skin

Non Chemical Medical Facial  Meso Vitamin Boost Medical Facial  Ultrasonic Exfoliating Meso Therapy  Chemical Peels Dermaplaning Facial Profhilo Injections Dermapen PRP Facial 


Excess Hair

Laser Hair Removal


Forehead Lines

 Anti Ageing Injections  Co2 Laser 


Hair Loss

Capilium Hair Regrowth Programme 


Ingrown Hairs

 Laser Hair Removal  Chemical Peels 



Thread Lift  Ultrasound Tightening Therapy 


Laughter Lines

Filler  Co2 Laser  Thread Lift


Lumps and Bumps

Dermatology - Excision, Laser or Shave  



Dermatology - Excision, Laser or Shave 



Dermatology - Excision, Laser or Shave 


Neck Lines

Co2 Laser  Ultrasound Tightening Therapy  


Nose to Mouth Lines

 Filler  Thread Lift 



Chemical Peels  Co2 Laser



 PDL Laser  Ultrasound Therapy  Chemical Skin Peels  



Prescription Medication  PDL Laser  Azelaic Chemical Peel  Non Chemical Medical Facial 


Sagging Skin (face)

Thread Lift Profhilo Injections


Sagging Skin (Body)

Arms, Stomach, Thighs, Buttocks

Laser Liposuction Profhilo Injections



Co2 Laser  Chemical Peels  Steroid Injections


Skin Tags

Dermatology - Excision or PDL Laser 


Stretch Marks

Co2 Laser


Sun Damage

Medical FaciaCo2 Laser



Botulinum Toxin A Injections   Laser


Thin Lips



Thread Veins

PDL Laser


Tired Eyes

Filler  Co2 Laser  Ultrasound Tightening & Brightening  Anti Ageing Injections  



Dermatology- PDL Laser  Cryotherapy  Excision 


Weak Chin

Filler  Thread Lift 


White Spots 

Chenical Peel   Ultrasonic Skin Scrub  Extraction