Things to consider before starting laser hair removal treatments

If you are thinking about laser hair removal there is a few important things you should know before deciding on treatment. 


Laser hair removal is certainly an appealing choice to rid yourself of unwanted hair, the idea of no longer needing to shave or wax is certainly a massive bonus.   It’s estimate that over our lifetimes me spend £6500 on shaving or £23,000 on waxing. It’s staggering really, to wax over your lifetime is effectively a deposit on a house!!!! 

So to make a one off investment of around £1200 and save thousands of pounds whilst no longer shaving or waxing again makes laser treatments a very appealing option indeed.


However we are very familiar with using the old razors or booking ourselves in for our regular wax, but the thought of laser can be daunting and quite frankly down right scary!!!! 


So where to start? 

The first step is to research providers in your area and consider these three things. 

  1. Equipment- is it a laser or IPL treatment? If it’s IPL you cannot expect the same results as laser. 
  2. Staff - Are there any medical staff? Ideally laser should take place in a clinic environment with an appropriately qualified doctor overseeing all treatments and protocols. How experienced are the laser technicians? All laser technicians should be fully trained and have completed a core of knowledge course. 
  3. Registration - is the clinic/salon registered or in the process of registering with the appropriate governing body. In Scotland that is Health Improvement Scotland and England & Wales. it’s the Care Quality Commission  



A consultation and test Patch should always take place before a treatment. 

During consultation a full review of your medical history and an assessment of your suitability for treatment should take place. Not everyone is suitable for treatment. Hair that is blonde, grey or red is not suitable for laser treatment. Also certain medication and conditions would make laser an unsuitable choice. 


Here is something’s to consider during consultation. 

  • Was your medical history discussed?
  • Was the hair in the area you would like treatment, examined?
  • Was a test Patch offered? During test Patch Were all intended treatment areas tested?  
  • Is the laser practitioner qualified? 
  • Was the laser room clean? Was there laser warning signs outside the door? 
  • Were the benefits, risks, pre and post treatment discussed with you in detail? 


So before you decide to go ahead with laser treatment, visit a few clinics or salons, have a consultation and consider all these things before making a decision. 


Good Luck on your laser hair removal journey. One thing is for sure, once you chose the right provider for you, you should be amazed at the results. 


Marianne Pratt

Clinic Manager at Grand Aura Skin & Well-being Clinic