Treatment Options

Anti-Ageing Injections 

An anti-ageing treatment which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that works by small, diluted (weakened) amounts of Botulinum Toxin A being directly injected into specific muscles, causing controlled relaxation of the muscles. Can also be used to give a lifting effect, which makes the eyes appear wider and gives a more youthful look.

Cost: £175
How Often will I need treatment? Every 3-4 months

Anti- Ageing Express Eye Treatment

A 30 minute treatment which includes the use of Ultrasound to encourage tightening, an anti-ageing eye peel is then applies, once neutralized anti-ageing eye patches are applied.

This treatment is great for a quick and instant brightening around the eye area, it can also help reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
Cost: £47
How Often will I need Treatment? Every few weeks

Co2re Laser Resurfacing

 CO2 is a carbon dioxide laser that has been used for more than 25 years in the aesthetic industry. It is a powerful and incredibly effective non-surgical treatment. CO2 lasers are aimed at eradicating lines and wrinkles and improving the appearance of facial blemishes, from sun damage to acne scarring. During a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment, short pulses of light energy are directed beneath the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production, at the same time as the top layer of skin cells are removed to reveal new undamaged skin beneath.

This treatment will get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and dark circles under the eyes.
Cost:£855 per treatment (up to three treatments required)
How often will I need treatment? A course of up to three treatments may be recommended but no further treatment should be required after that.

Dermal Filler