Q&A with Senior Practitioner Carly

The GA team are all missing seeing each other but keeping up to date via our group chat. We decided to find out some fun facts about each other that we thought we would share with you al. First up is Our senior practitioner Carly who is pictured with her two kids.

Are you named after anyone?
Was named after granda charlie but they changed it to carly

Where are you from?
I am from Aberdeen

What do you like to do on your days off?
I like to go shopping, spend time with friends

What is your favourite season and why?
I love summer so i can get out with my kids and everyones mood is better in the sun

What was your favourite holiday?
I went to thailand with my family and was the best holiday ive ever been on

What’s your favourite food?
Fav food hands down CHINESE

Favourite Film?
Fav film is wizard of oz

Describe yourself in a single sentence?
I think i am a comedian,love seeing people happy and generally a happy person

What’s your favourite treatment at Grand Aura and why?
I love doing dermaplaning and having it done it males my skin feel amazing,soft and my makeup sits flawless hands down best tx

Thanks to Carly for letting us share. Tomorrow we will share Victoria’s answers.

What to plan ahead and book a Dermaplaning treatment with Carly? Bookings made in May will receive a 10% Discount. Just email info@grandaura.com.
Carly will be doing a live video soon from home doing a Dermaplaning treatment on herself so be sure to tune in for that 😄